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رله بریر مدل 4514 MTL

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معرفی محصول


رله بریر مدل 4514 MTL تک کاناله میباشد.  . برای ارتباطات داده ها در یک منطقه ضد انفجار نیز مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد.

Safe-area output MTL4514D: two, single pole relays with normally-open contacts                                 

                                                                              Voltage applied to sensor 7 to 9V dc from 1kΩ ±10%



توضیحات محصول

The MTL4514 enables two safe–area loads to be controlled, through relays, by a proximity detector or switch located in a hazardous area. When selected, open or short circuit conditions in the field wiring are detected by the line fault detect (LFD) facility and indicated on the top of the module. Switches are provided to select phase reversal and to enable the line fault detection

Safe-area output MTL4514: two, single pole relays with normally-open contacts

Voltage applied to sensor 7 to 9V dc from 1kΩ ±10%

Input/output characteristics

Normal phase Outputs closed if input > 2.1mA (< 2kΩ in input circuit) Outputs open if input < 1.2mA (> 10kΩ in input circuit

SIL capable These models have been assessed for use in IEC 61508 functional safety applications. SIL2 capable for a single device (HFT=0) SIL3 capable for multiple devices in safety redundant configurations (HFT=1) See data on MTL web site and refer to the safety manual